Bible-based study series to understand Christian theology and practice better.

Discipleship: Principles and Framework

This document provides a framework and foundational principles which will make the disciple-maker more effective, especially in using the materials The Foundations of the Christian Life and Maturing in the Christian Life. You can download the document below.

Moving Toward Salvation Study Series

It is not always easy to introduce people to the thought processes and teachings underlying Christianity. This study series addresses six important topics that are necessary to understand what a Christian means by “being saved”. The studies can be done in whatever order helps the individual being shared with. They can be used either individually […]

The Foundations of the Christian Life

Choosing to become a Christian ought to result in great changes to our lifestyles. What should these changes look like? What are the foundational Christian teachings we should be aware of? This 16-unit series, entitled Hristiyan Hayatının Temelleri in Turkish, provides answers to these questions. It begins with the fundamental teaching about Jesus Christ and covers topics such […]

Maturing in the Christian Life

Titled Hristiyan Hayatında Yetkinleşmek in Turkish, Maturing in the Christian Life is a study series that builds upon The Foundations of the Christian Life. This series is designed to be used with small groups with a minimum of three people and a maximum of ten. It can be used with individuals, however it will not be as effective. It is […]