Choosing to become a Christian ought to result in great changes to our lifestyles. What should these changes look like? What are the foundational Christian teachings we should be aware of? This 16-unit series, entitled Hristiyan Hayatının Temelleri in Turkish, provides answers to these questions. It begins with the fundamental teaching about Jesus Christ and covers topics such as the meaning and certainty of salvation, what happens when I sin as a Christian and the signs and attributes of a Christian life. Additionally, we discuss how to pray, what it means to be “surrendered” to Jesus Christ, how to respond to difficulty, rejection and persecution and how a Christian ought to think. Finally, we look at how to explain the Gospel and the glorious hope that Christ’s return should fill our hearts with along with a proposed timeline of the final days.

You can download the entire series in an archived format or each lesson individually. We strongly recommend reading the instruction file before using the series. This series is meant to be completed in sequence, beginning with unit 1 and ending with unit 16. If you can’t read Turkish, a simplified summary with translations of the titles and what each disciple is to know, realize and respond in each unit is available in the file Discipleship: Principles and Framework

Please note that all files that you will download are in Turkish. The English titles below are simply for your convenience, so as to help you better comprehend the content of each unit.

Files Containing Study Materials

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