General resources about Christianity, such as tables, lists, graphics, brochures, and books.

“Neden Müjde Diyorlar” Tract

A tract developed specifically in Turkish for Turkish-speakers that answers the question why the good news about Jesus Christ is considered good news. You can download the Turkish-language PDF file below.

Progress of Redemption Graphic

This is a high-resolution version of the graphic depicting the progress of redemption in the chapter “Çerçevesiz Olmaz: Derin Bir Kutsal Kitap Anlayışı için Kaçınılmaz Temel” in J.M. Diener’s book Eski Antlaşma’ya Dair Düşünceler. It can be downloaded as a PDF file or as a graphic. The graphic is Copyright © 2017 J.M. Diener. It is […]

Useful Lists

Below are several lists containing useful thoughts and information pertaining to godliness in daily life available as PDF documents. Please note that content of each document is in Turkish!

When the Books of the Bible Were Written: Two Tables

Expositing the Bible is both an art and a science. The scientific side of hermeneutics requires that the expositor know when, where, and to whom each of the 66 books in the Bible were written. The table below contains two Turkish-language tables that provide an overview of this information for quick reference. You can access […]