Discipleship: Principles and Framework

This document provides a framework and foundational principles which will make the disciple-maker more effective, especially in using the materials The Foundations of the Christian Life and Maturing in the Christian Life. You can download the document below.

Moving Toward Salvation Study Series

It is not always easy to introduce people to the thought processes and teachings underlying Christianity. This study series addresses six important topics that are necessary to understand what a Christian means by “being saved”. The studies can be done in whatever order helps the individual being shared with. They can be used either individually or in a group.

The Foundations of the Christian Life

Known as Hristiyan Hayatın Temelleri in Turkish, this study series walks a beginning believer through the fundamental doctrines necessary for Christian living. These were formerly known as “The Basic Discipleship Lessons” (BDLs). Before going through this series, we strongly recommend reading the document entitled “Discipleship: Principles and Framework”.

Maturing in the Christian Life

Hristiyan Hayatında Yetkinleşmek çalışma dizisi Hristiyan Hayatın Temelleri çalışma dizisinin devamıdır. Bu çalışma dizisi en az üç ve en fazla on kişiden oluşan küçük gruplar için tasarlanmış olup, sohbet temellidir.